Be realistic on expectations.


When applying for a job do you always look at their essential criteria? This will always indicate whether you have the skills and requirements the employer is requesting.

Set realistic expectations of roles you are hoping to develop into, look at jobs and opportunities that will lead you to chosen destination.

Be realistic on the requirements of the role, for example seeking a food and beverage manager position within a hotel that is 9-5, Monday – Friday is not realistic and not a reflection of the requirements for that role. ❌ You are setting yourself up for disappointment with those requirements as they truly don’t exist. ⚠️ You most certainly have to go through this journey if you wish to reach the Hotel General Manager position. ✅

Very few jobs are 9-5 anymore, and definitely not in hospitality. But you have the amazing perks of working in the industry that our hospitality friends provide when you visit their establishments, friends and family rates, a hospitality family like no other industry, and also other days off during the week.  Think of the bigger picture.
Many candidates who switch from shift work to 9-5 find that adjustment difficult.

Be realistic on your expectations against the requirements of the industry and the roles you are applying for, and ensure they are part of your end goal! Plan ahead, look at other managers career paths on linked in.

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