Some tips to prepare for interviews.

Some interview tips we have complied on what to do’s and and don’ts for interviews:


  • Do go prepared.
  • Do arrive early.
  • Do make eye contact. But don’t overdo it to the point where you make the interviewer uncomfortable.
  • Do take some time to consider your answers and respond thoughtfully. You shouldn’t feel pressured to answer each question in rapid fire.
  • Do ensure that your most recent posts on your social media accounts show something positive and professional.
  • Do use language that is appropriate for the job environment and demonstrate your experience.
  • Do consider your career goals and clearly define your reasons for wanting the job.
  • Do take time for pleasantries and a bit of casual social chat.
  • Do understand that interviews are as much an opportunity to show the employer that you would be a pleasant person to work with as they are to demonstrate skills and experience, this is a social opportunity.
  • Do your homework about the industry and the company.


  • DON’T lie on your CV!
  • DON’T leave your job without a job to go to.
  • DONT waste a recruiter or companies time- you will loose ALL TRUST and many wont provide second chances.
  • DON’T keep social media accounts public.
  • DON’T post bad reviews on social media platforms of the industry you are in – they are your colleagues and the industry work close together.
  • DON’T cancel interviews last minute without a urgent reason.
  • DON’T go for a job you aren’t passionate about – you always want to give 100%.
  • DON’T slate a previous employer. If you are successful – some day the interview could be your previous employer.
  • DON’T lie on your CV!
  • DON’T have an unprofessional voicemail message / email address.DON’T apply for multiple jobs with the one company.