The importance of providing interview feedback

Whilst we are all in a place of the unknown, it’s important if a candidate takes the time to apply, prepare & attend an interview, that they are given the respect of feedback – good or constructive it will help the candidate learn for the next interview.

People in our industry are disheartened beyond belief right now. Levels of anxiety are at an all time high, wondering how bills etc will be paid, career goals are up in the air, what’s going to happen next. A short call or an email with feedback, will help them prepare for the next position they present themselves for and help their confidence.

We need to be mindful, whilst we are here in this pandemic this will pass and the recruitment channels will be re-open again and companies will once again be seeking the top talent. Protect your brand and its position within the marketplace, and give the time & respect to candidates who are presenting themselves in front of you at this time.

Leaders have an opportunity to gain an edge in the battle for talent at this time: deliver a superior recruiting experience to every candidate, even those that don’t receive an offer it will stand by you.

It goes back to that saying: ‘People will forget what you say, but will never forget how you made them feel’. Never more so has those words been more important..