The recovery journey – The importance of investing in specialised recruitment

Management & teams are key to a quick bounce back.

As we now look towards emerging out of lockdown, many businesses will be focusing to recruit and attract strong management and teams to help them bounce back quickly. 

It’s a fact that hospitality has lost a substantial number of its people to other industries throughout the past year. The biggest challenge the industry is facing now is to attract this talent back. At Daly Recruitment our passion & mission is to assist you (employers) in the reemployment of talent back into our industry & target the talent who have moved away from hospitality to entice the exceptional skilled talent back.

Based on my ongoing research I have completed over the past number of months, the key message that keeps coming back from  candidates is that a job description or social media post isn’t enough to draw these candidates back into our industry. They want to feel they will be valued and appreciated. Now more than ever, it’s time to reach out to ourselves at Daly Recruitment who specialise in luxury hospitality management recruitment to have conversations about upcoming requirements. Behind the scenes throughout lockdown, we have been compiling a database of highly professional and experienced hospitality candidates that are willing to come back into our industry to hit the ground running for the right opportunity.

A number one client question we get asked at Daly Recruitment is  “Why did candidate X not apply to us directly and came via Daly Recruitment?”.
The answer is simple, a specialised recruiter headhunts on your behalf, following the brief they are provided. Hospitality is a small industry and everyone is well connected, many candidates (as I’ve established) now want to have a middle person to ask questions and speak with the employer on their behalf.
Moving roles, or starting a new job is a big step and individuals will want to get back into a stable job that suits them and will grow their skillset. It’s important candidates trust the guidance and direction they are given.

Reasons why you should invest and work with a specialised recruiter like Daly Recruitment:

  1. Daly Recruitment holds extensive knowledge on the industry & its people. We work in this area permanently and can quickly identify the matching of skills, people and cultures.
  2. Daly Recruitment has direct fast access to candidates, in the market and those who have left.
  3. Daly Recruitment has a proven greater reach than a post on social media and job board.
  4. We are now in a market where management candidates prefer to have a middle person to act on their behalf.
  5. Daly Recruitment take the hassle out of your search and narrow down the search based on our conversations.

Daly Recruitment has established a reputation as a leading recruiter representing leading luxury industry employers and take great pride in all our work and delivery. Providing a five star personable service to both our clients and candidates at all times.

Money spent on good recruitment is money well spent and an investment to your business!

Did you know?:
Daly Recruitment was awarded Best Luxury Specialised hotel management recruiter for UK and Ireland for 2020 by LuxLife Magazine.

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