Be realistic with expectations.


When applying for a job do you always look at their essential criteria? This will always indicate whether you have the skills and requirements the employer is requesting.

Set realistic expectations of roles you are hoping to develop into, look at jobs and opportunities that will lead you to your chosen destination.

Be practical on the requirements of the role, for example seeking a food and beverage manager position within a hotel that is 9-5, Monday – Friday is not reasonable nor is it reflective of the requirements of that role.  By doing this you are setting yourself up for disappointment as these requirements truly don’t exist.  You most certainly will have to go through this journey if you wish to reach the Hotel General Manager position.

Very few jobs are 9-5 anymore, and definitely not in hospitality. One of the main elements of working in the hospitality sector is the flexibility the hours provide flexibility in work means flexibility outside of work also.
If you don’t like to work a 9-5 job and do the same thing every day, then this is the sector for you.  Your hours will vary, and no two days are ever the same.
You will struggle to find a 9-5 in this industry, it’s not impossible but don’t restrict yourself to this as it will pay off along your career path as you learn and develop.

A huge benefit of working in the hospitality industry is that you can expect no two days to ever be completely the same. This makes a position in this sector particularly exciting, as you are likely to always be kept on your feet, often working in a fast-paced environment, but you are rewarded by the fact that it always remains interesting and dynamic.
We can’t forget the great industry perks it brings!

Career progression opportunities

One thing most candidates look for when deciding on a sector to work in is how good the potential is to progress over time. Luckily, as the hospitality industry is increasing, this means that the chance to work your way up the work ladder is both very feasible and very likely. We recommend to have a look at some of the linkedIn profiles of industry leaders, and you will see the path they made to get where they are today.

Think of the bigger picture. Many candidates who switch from shift work to 9-5 find that adjustment difficult.


This is also crucial for employers too, asking for ‘x’ years of experience in a role will depend greatly from each individual and size of properties a person has worked in.

Read your job description throughly and ensure you are not being unrealistic as you could be eliminating good candidates from applying and joining your team.
For example: in a hotel setting, many managers after 2/3 years as a department head will want to move up the ladder, not take a side step. Consider this greatly as we all work together to open and attract and retain talent into out much loved industry.

Is your salary really reflective on the experience you are seeking? This is a crucial time for all businesses as they begin the recovery journey, working together as an industry to attract and retain staff is a role for everyone in management.
Salaries must be in line with your expectations or you will not attract the calibre and talent you are hoping to achieve. Daly Recruitment are here to provide guidance on any market rate salaries to any employers.

Candidates are now seeking perks which are more than free lunches, uniform – work life balance is now key to all successful recruitment and retention, and more so as we emerge out of lockdown.

Remember the recruitment process has to be right from job advert through the interview process.  Interviews are now a two way street, both sides are accessing the other for suitability! Try and create a relaxed environment so you both can evaluate this.


Always be realistic on expectations on roles you are applying for and advertising! The recovery journey is beginning as are career paths and aspirations.