Don’t burn bridges as the market works exceptionally hard to bounce back, as it won’t always be this way.

The fightback from COVID is a tough one, and having spoken to many industry peers and leaders this week there is a growing concern for the amount of people accepting and then declining job offers. This is damaging and prolonging the recruitment / recovery process on employers in a time when they need to appoint staff quickly to deal with demand.
This is having an impact all round on businesses.

It’s also impacts on other candidates who really want and need the job to pay bills and get back into the industry they know and love. Please stop and consider the repercussions of going for a job you don’t really want can have on others, and the precious time of many industry leaders you are wasting as a result.
Employers: Remember counter offers, is never a way to deal with someone handing in their notice, this is a short term solution. Read my blog on counter offers

Candidates please stop and think before you apply for a job, would you really accept this job if offered?

If the answer is no, then don’t apply as you may damage any future  hopes of when your position of choice opens up with the same company / manager / recruiter / company.

Good recruiters don’t just perform their daily tasks well. They make sure they are always investing and representing the right clients and candidates. At Daly Recruitment, we evaluate every aspect that will be become part of our brand and represent us within the industry.

A good recruiter remembers small, positive & negative details from all our interactions with our candidates and use them to build candidate knowledge, image and profile for our clients.

We are very passionate about our work, and therefore we are known to highlight candidates’ strengths and may even suggest other jobs they would be suitable for, giving career advice and assisting where we can. We stay in touch for future openings and build long standing relationships built on trust. It’s all about relationships and nurturing those relationships both professionally and personally.

Sometimes unfortunetly recruiters / employers have to deal with investing a lot of time in candidates to have them turn down a role which all requirements where fully disclosed at the time of application. At Daly Recruitment we have a strong policy that if this happens, you have broken our trust, respect is a two-way street and it’s important to always remain professional at all time. If you will happily waste our time after building a rapport with us, this doesn’t give out a trusting vibe how you would treat our clients in the future. It’s not acceptable and disrespectful to all involved in giving up their time for you.

Clients and recruiters are working exceptionally hard right now to build and repair our industry. If you are applying for a job, make sure you have all the details at the time of application and are 100% you will accept the role if you get offered. Reach out and ask your recruiter the questions you want answered, or if going directly ask these questions at the first stage interview.
Always use this time wisely to answer any questions / concerns you may have. Access and re-evaluate if you want to proceed.

If you accept and decline think of the long-term damage you are creating to your own personal brand, remember managers move roles and that professional you accepted the job from may end up in management in your dream role, or that a recruiter may have exclusivity on the next role you want!
Don’t burn bridges as the market works exceptionally hard to bounce back, as it won’t always be this way!

Good recruiters will use their expertise to highlight problematic situations that may be hard for hiring managers to spot by themselves, this is our area of knowledge and expertise and what makes good recruiters stand out!

Respect, your industry peers and colleagues at all times!

At Daly Recruitment we have a strict policy that if you break our trust or mistreat representing the Daly Recruitment brand you will automatically be removed from our database for all future opportunities or use of our services.

We are a professional brand, we only represent professional candidates and clients under our brand. Hospitality is a professional  industry, and must be treated that way by all to make it move in the right direction to attract, retain our current and future talent pipeline.

Like all businesses we are also in recovery mode. We invest so much time in the candidates we choose to represent, if we represent you know that we believe in you and have given you our upmost trust to represent our brand to our clients and candidates. Trust and transparency are key aspects our recruitment service.

It’s important we all work together as industry professionals to overcome the past year. This year will also pass, so make sure you  manage your own personal professional brand with professionalism for the opportunities which lie ahead.