What information you need to put your CV together

Are you someone who struggles to put a CV together.  Let’s be honest we all question our abilities and many undersell themselves and their skills and experience.

Employers get lots of CVs to look at and have to decide quickly who they are going to interview. Here are some tips to make your CV stand out for all the right reasons.

 Gather useful information including:
  • the job advert
  • the job description
  • a person specification
  • company details
  • your qualifications -if under 10 years.
  • details about your past employers
  • details about your past jobs or volunteering experience
  • evidence of training courses you’ve completed.
You can use this information to show how your skills and experience match what the employer wants. You should tailor your CV to suit the job description and the company.

Now let’s put your CV together: 
  1. Always start with a Personal profile
    This is a few short lines that sum up who you are and what you hope to do. Think about the job you want and what the employer is looking for. Make your profile sound like you’re the right person for the job.
  2. Your work experience history.
    Always start with most recent. Include work placements, volunteering and any paid jobs you’ve held. You’ll need to give details of employer dates etc. If you do not have much work experience start with most recent education.Give positive examples of your achievements rather than just listing duties.

    Use active words to highlight your strengths and skills for example, ‘organised’, ‘created’, ‘built’, ‘managed’ or ‘planned’.

  3.  References
    You can leave out the details of your references at this point. The employer will ask for these when you get through to the next stage. However, If using Daly Recruitment we reference check all candidates with your approval upon registration.
Always have a CV ready to tailor!