Why a personal statement on your  CV is important.

Your personal statement is the first thing on your CV that signals whether or not you’re a good candidate.
For that reason, your personal statement has the potential to be highly influential in whether or not you get invited for an interview. Therefore it’s vitally important to write a great CV personal statement.
Your personal statement needs to tell the hiring decision maker these things:
  •  The kind of professional you are – management style.
  • Why you want to work for the employer
  • Why you’d excel at doing the job you’re applying for.
  • ALWAYS tailor your personal statement to be unique for each job application.
  • Where should you put your personal statement on your CV?
  • Position your personal statement directly beneath your personal details.
  • Make sure all of the information in your personal statement will make sense to the hiring decision maker. ????
If you used terminology that’s specific to a previous employer or industry you worked in, try to rephrase it so that the reader can understand it’s significance and describe how skills are transferable.

Quantify your success and achievements:
Numbers and statistics help potential  employers understand your experience and provide a tangible benchmark against other candidates. Add figures to your personal statement where appropriate, especially at management level!
Examples include the number of years you have worked in a particular industry, any achievements – awards, staffing, increase in revenue.
  •  Include percentage’s NEVER include actual confidential business figures!!

LENGTH: ????
Try to keep this under 200 words, so ensure you are selling yourself the best as you can in this opening paragraph.