Productivity Levels

The Importance Of Work Life Balance.

Have you ever considered why some people are much more able to handle stress than others?

It turns out that one of the most important factors is how well you’re able to switch off after work — something a lot of people struggle with.

Let’s look at how important it is to switch off?

There’s nothing wrong with thinking positively about work or mulling over a problem that you want to solve.
But when you can’t stop thinking about work, you wellbeing, relationships & productivity suffer.

It’s never been more difficult to do one task at a time at work because, on top of the usual daily distractions – Emails, calls & notifications on your phone now make it very tempting to switch between tasks before they’re finished.

One result of this is that, by the end of the day, you might have 20 browser tabs open, ten half-written emails & an important project you’ve put off yet again, which means that you’re likely to be thinking about these tasks in the evening.

🔹Another result of multi-tasking is that you become slower & decision making becomes cloudy.

🔹 It’s a well know fact that when you feel distracted & overwhelmed, you make bad decisions, which means you’re more likely to take on more than you can handle & leave tasks unfinished.


Being able to switch off from work is as much about how you spend your time at work, as what you do afterwards.

Many people are obsessed with time management & trying to maximise how they use of every second of the day.

In fact, what we should be obsessing about is the quality of our attention, & the amount of attention we give to the people & problems that matter to us most.

That will result in you bringing your best self to work, & to your friends & family. 

In return you will be more productive in work & continue to lead by example as the wonderful leader you are and wish to be!


Taking care of yourself is an essential part of taking care of others.

The healthier the tree the healthier the fruit it can offer!..