2023 is the year of shining an importance on workplace culture.

Whilst 2022 was the year of survival, 2023 is the year of shining an importance on workplace culture.


While all businesses faced a relentless survival journey in 2022 with massive increases in costs, labour shortage and supply disruption, this inevitably took a lot of focus away from staff and teams members well-being. In November & December, Daly Recruitment witnessed a huge increase in candidates seeking new opportunities in the New Year citing workplace culture and not feeling valued as the primary reason for exiting the businesses to which they belonged.


In 2023, as an industry in general, we can and need to do better. Many of our professionals who are still in hospitality (after the past three years) clearly have a true passion for our industry and we all have a responsibility to keep that passion alive.


Talented employees are attracted to a great culture. This is something we need to keep in mind as the war for talent continues throughout 2023. Top talent has a choice and candidates are ultimately going to jump on board with a business that takes its culture seriously. This doesn’t mean you have to offer lavish perks, or extortionate rates of pay. Your business just needs a real sense of self and to show both current and prospective employees that they are appreciated and valued.


As we close the door on what has been an exceptionally challenging year, January will provide the opportunity to plan for the year ahead. Based on the feedback and trends Daly Recruitment are noting, team wellbeing must be included and marked as a priority if it is not already there. Your ability to attract and retain team members will have a major overall impact on your business for the year ahead.


Take note: 2023 recruitment will be driven by your current workplace culture. As the saying goes “you are only as good as your best employees”; your team members are your assets.


You can be an employer of choice in 2023; you must ensure you have a positive workplace culture that will attract and retain good talent. As always, Daly Recruitment are here to work together and assist you with any requirements you may have as a client or candidate.