Candidate: Why you should use a specialised recruiter?

Candidate benefits of using a specialised recruiter

Looking for a new job? Use an specialised recruiter.

Job searching can be one of the most daunting experiences, ranked as highly as up there moving house as it’s deemed to be a major life change. 

It’s important to remember you will spend 39+ hours of your week in this position so you must be careful on choices you make to be happy and fit with your career progression with hospitality. 

An specialised recruiter can make this experience less stressful by providing advice, preparing your CV and prepping you for the interview process.  

At no cost to you, the candidate.

So, what are the benefits of an specialised recruiter:

Many companies use recruiters for their expert knowledge rather than advertising the vacancy online or in newspapers.

  • Daly Recruitment meet each of our candidates over coffee in a casual environment to build a rapport and personally get to know each of our candidates. 
  • A specialised recruiter will know your skill set and target specific companies that would be interested in your experience.
  • Specialised recruiters, like Daly Recruitment, hold insight and knowledge into the sector, company and the role, something that you just can’t obtain from an online job website. 
  • We coach and prepare each of our candidate if they are invited for interview, giving you confidence walking into the interview room. 
  • A recruiter can get your CV directly in front of an employer with a brief of your background and skill set. 
  • At Daly Recruitment we do not take on client companies who have a high turnover of staff, or whom from our knowledge don’t have a history of looking after staff. This is vitally important for candidates to know, so they can trust us with their search and know we are only working with the best in hospitality.
  • Daly Recruitment will always look out for a candidates’ best interest and career, after all we want be part of your hospitality management career!
  • We have a long standing working relationship with many of our clients and have a trusted partnership with internal hiring managers.

Daly Recruitment will also provide you with support to devise your resignation letter, and if required provide advice should a counter offer be received from your current employer.

IMPORTANT: A candidate’s CV held by Daly Recruitment will only ever be sent to a potential employer with the consent of the candidate, having discussed the role and its suitability with the candidate. Daly Recruitment will look after all negotiations on your behalf, including salary, taking that stress and hassle out of the equation for you.

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