Employer: Why you should use a specialised recruiter.

Wanting to take the hassle and stress out of recruitment. Hire a specialist independent recruiter.

Reach out to a specialised recruiter if you want to reach the top talent in your industry and here are the reasons why:

  • A specialised recruiter will know the market inside out and the talent pool within.
  • It can speed up the recruitment process by putting forward a suitable calibre of candidates they know are job searching.
  • Specialised recruiters have insight into candidates that employers and other agencies won’t have access to. 
  • Appointing a recruiter avoids filtering through numerous CV’s. We only submit candidates matching the required skill set.
  • As a recruiter we work on many confidential roles on behalf of clients, discussing opportunities with candidates who we have built a relationship and trust.
  • We don’t use local job boards. That is lazy recruitment! 
  • Specialised recruiters can provide vital intelligence to employers on employment salaries within a competitive market, information a company may not be privy to. This is value that using a recruiter can be a big influencer!

Please visit the testimonials we have received to date from some of our leading clients within the industry. https://dalyrecruitment.com/clients/


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